Our Philosophy

These are exciting times for the cannabis industry. What we all do now and moving forward will shape the future of the industry and dictate its longevity. Our team of highly-trained lab professionals has decades of experience in highly regulated clinical laboratories. Imagine, a group of people who have always employed “best lab practices” bringing their commitment and ‘know how’ to an industry that has yet to find consistency.

That’s us.

We believe the cannabis market will only see long-term sustainability by building a solid foundation for generations to come. We won’t get there by cutting corners or focusing on short-term gains. That’s not how legacies are built. We’ll get there by doing what’s necessary to make this industry as legitimate as any other – accurate results, and industry collaboration.


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Our Certifications

Our mindset is deeply rooted in years of laboratory science experience and backed by ISO Certification and practices that exceed that standard. True Science Laboratories is ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 accredited for all California state required testing under Accreditation #102558, Certificate #L19-360.

BCC Required Testing   |  BCC Regulations  |   ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accreditation Standards


To learn more about our customized approach to helping you build legitimacy, set up a consultation with one of our team members at (866) 455-TRUE.